Reliving few moments of Annakut 2012, Germany

In 2012, BAPS Swaminarayan satang mandal in Germany decided to celebrate one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals of Diwali by offering ‘Annkut’ (also called ‘Chappanbhog’) to Bhagwan (God). During that time, our mandal was not large enough and thus we sought help from our European counterpart, that is European BAPS mandal. BAPS London mandir & BAPS Paris mandal generously offered their help in celebration of Annakut. The event was successfully celebrated by plenty of Hari bhakts and satsangis (devotees), with a satsangi couple driving all the way from Paris to Germany especially to attend Annakut.

Pure devotion and enthusiasm of Diwali sparkled the event. The event was celebrated at home with 35 satsangis. A small group but big hearts helped us to offer 100 different vegetarian items to God. Everyone was engaged in Seva all along the day right from cleaning, decoration, cooking, arranging Annakut, etc. It was small place, but experience was not less than being in Mandir in India.

We started our event with Dhun-Prathana followed by various Thals. Darshan of Bhagwan besides mountain of food was the best blessed feeling for many present in event. After Bhajan-bhakti, we all took ‘MAHAPRASADAM’ together and share thoughts with each-other. In overall, we were around 35 people who were there in the event in person and around 8 people over the Skype. Annakut is one the events to keep up with our tradition, festivals & culture.

Here are some memories of the event captured: Gallery - Diwali Annakut 2012, Germany

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