Annakut at BAPS

Annakut is celebrated at BAPS not only with enthusiasm and happiness but also with the aim of spreading cultural values, asking for forgiveness to Bhagwan (God) and expressing gratitude towards him. Annakut is celebrated along with Diwali, with Diyas, Rangoli and ofcourse the delicious love filled dishes. The dishes are arranged creatively and in eye pleasing patterns. Prayers are offered and aarti is conducted, following which everyone gets the opportunity to partake the dishes and receive Bhagwan's belssings.

BAPS is spread across the globe in several countries and reigns millions of hearts. It has its presence across the globe, rooting the values of Indian culture and preaching a good way of life through real examples and idols to follow. Check-out more information about last year's Annakut at BAPS here.

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