BAPS Annakut 2013 - Aachen, Germany

As we know that the BAPS Germany Annakut in 2012 was closely organised within the house of our beloved sanchalak (lead volunteer) Vishal bhai Patel with a small gathering of around 35 attendees. But as time flew by, the mass of devotees increased and due to this we organised the BAPS Germany Annakut of 2013 in the beautiful old town of Aachen (at the heart of Europe), in a beautiful hall which comfortably accommodates around 80 attendees. In this Annakut we had planned to offer God 150 dishes prepared with devotion which are purely vegetarian (strictly no onions, garlic, alcohol, eggs, fish or meat). But as it usually occurs, the high excitement of the devotees lead to more than 180 dishes being offered to the humble feet of God! 

This Annakut was divinely graced by the presence of 2 honourable saints; Pujya Aksharviharidas Swami and Pujya Paramsevadas Swami from the marvellous BAPS Swaminarayan Hindu temple in London. To be a part of this joyous event, around 100 devotees rushed in from different parts of Germany. The team of devotees from Paris played a very crucial role in supporting this Annakut. The whole event involved inspiring and wise speeches/presentations from saints, live singing of devotional songs (Kirtan Bhakti), offering of the devotedly prepared food (Annakut) to God (Thaal) and then helping one’s self to the offered delicacies (Mahaprasad) before finally dispersing. 

So in this way by the hard work of all the devotees, the BAPS Germany Annakut of 2013 in Aachen culminated into a great success! Where true success actually lied in what the attendees carried back with them, in their hearts and minds, which will help them make their as well as other’s lives better and worthwhile. This would then truly materialise the divine words of our Guru H.D.H. Pramukh Swami Maharaj- “In the happiness of others, lies our own.”

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Image source: Photograph by Komal Shah

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